Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Drug addict says prison saved him

A reformed drug addict has said prison and the probation service have helped him rebuild his life.

After losing six members of his family, Steven Weir, became dependent on hard drugs, gave up his job and started sleeping rough in Nottingham.

He is now turning his back on his old lifestyle and is hoping to find work helping users.

He praises the approach to dependency problems which was taken at his probation hostel.

Mr Weir said: "For the seven years that I've been really badly addicted to drugs - I spent six trying to get off.

"Going to prison saved my life and the second time of life saving was coming to his place (the probation hostel).

"It's given me the time to focus on myself and the problems I have with drugs, bereavement and depression."

As a result of the support he received, Mr Weir is now looking to start again by getting a new job.